Privacy Policy

At sarkari results, we understand and maintain the privacy of our visitors. Our privacy policy includes all the information regarding how we collect information and how we use such information.

By accessing our website, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions in conjunction with privacy policy.

You may contact our executives any time for further inquiry or any other questions.

Procedure for Information Collected by Log Files

A well-defined procedure is adopted for using log files. When a visitor reaches the website, these log files are used as a hosting services analytics. Several information such as Internet Service Provider, browser kind, Internet Protocol (IP) address, date and time stamp, entry and exit timing, pages visited etc. may be collected by us. However, the purpose for this collection of information is limited to the reasons including analysing trends of visiting our website, tracking the movement and frequency of choosing any topic. No personal information is otherwise collected through these log files.


We use cookies to gather information to analyse the visitors choice, frequency of visiting the website and the topic chosen, accessed or visited. The sole purpose is to optimize the experience of our valued users so that we can modify our content according to the browser type used by visitor or any other information searched.

Third Party Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Sarkari Results are not applicable on third party websites. You are advised to read the privacy policy of third party. It may different terms and conditions on how to choose certain options.

In the pop up window of accepting cookies, you may opt for disallow option. If further information is required regarding cookie management with different browsers, it can be seen on browser’s respective website.

Sarkariresultswala’s Privacy Policies encompass the utilization of certain technologies by third-party ad servers or ad networks. These technologies, including cookies, JavaScript, and Web Beacons, are incorporated within their advertisements and links featured on the platform. These technologies are directly transmitted to users’ web browsers and seamlessly capture their IP addresses. The underlying intention behind the deployment of these technologies is to assess the efficacy of advertising campaigns and/or tailor the advertising content that is presented on the websites you browse.

It’s crucial to recognize that Sarkariresultswala does not possess the capability to access or govern the utilization of cookies by third-party advertisers. The separation of control and access regarding these cookies is a fundamental aspect of the platform’s approach to maintaining privacy and transparency.

Check On Children’s Activity

We understand that children may provide personal information while using the browser, however we are supportive with our users in this regard. It is always advised to keep a check on children’s activity by their guardians/parents so that their access is restricted.

If any personal information is shared by your child while using browser, you may contact us immediately and we will first inform you regarding such availability of and will remove the information from our database.

Applicable for Online Visitors Only

This privacy policy is applicable only for online visitors who access our website online and we collected information from them directly.

These terms are not applicable for information gathered from offline means or through any other website. These terms do not apply for visitors through third parties.

Warranties and Disclaimer

The content provided in this website may have some inaccuracies or outdated information or any other error, however, this website will not be held liable, unless expressly entered into an agreement with sarkariresultswala. We hereby disclaims all warranties in regard to the information provided on the website. In any event, sarkariresultswala will not be held liable for any loss or damage, incurred directly or through third party. We reserve right to be protected against any loss or damage incurred due to our content. Also, we reserve right to modify, update, delete or add any information on our website without giving any notice or notification.


While entering the website, you give your consent to indemnify and do not cause any harm to sarkariresultswala and it’s associated persons. If any violations caused against our policies or any damage/infringement caused, you hereby consent to indemnify sarkariresultswala for such loss or damage. You also consent to keep our website and it’s associated persons harmless through any violation or infringement. Sarkariresultswala reserves right to presume the exclusive protection against any infringement or losses or damage subject to indemnification provided by the user of website.

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